Natures Anti-Depressant

The Purelight™ blend of extracts and vitamins work symbiotically together to enhance the effects of each individual ingredient creating an all-natural powerhouse that helps combat depression and anxiety.

Other Benefits

The Purelight™ When you are not feeling depressed or anxious you can get on with your life. This will allow energy to flow and positivity will naturally occur when you have this momentum. Reduced stress, Increased creativity, more social, intuitive conversation, rapid reflexes, sharper focus, and less cravings are some of the benefits you can expect.

The Ultimate Microdose Combination!

5 Ingredients
All Natural & Organic Ingredients

3 Fungi
Medicinal, Edible & Magical

Healing Power of Hemp Extracts

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My anxiety has decreased and I am able to focus much better on my work with less stress. My mood has improved and I am able to be more social around others.


Dealing with previous trauma has been difficult. But when I microdose I see things differently and healing is easier to accept. This stuff works for me.

Migel Sanchez

My grandfather micros and he seems to have more clarity and an easier time remembering things. It helps reform pathways in the brain keeping him active and alert.

Leona Quinn

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